About The Kehoe-Knapik Educational Grant

The Massachusetts Chapter of ICES is pleased to announce the establishment of a MassICES educational grant named in honor of two ICES lifetime members and longtime friends – Marge Kehoe and Beatrice Knapik.

Who Qualifies?

This grant is open to all MassICES members in good standing for the purpose of continuing the applicant’s studies in the sugar arts. The total annual amount of the award will be $250 to one applicant. Applicants should show a strong interest and desire in continuing their studies in the sugar arts field and willingness to share that knowledge with others. Applicants of all levels of skill will be considered.

The recipient must continue their membership in ICES during the entire award application and grant period. This yearly awarded grant is be used within a one year time frame from the date of issue.* 25% of the grant money may be used for documented class supplies. The classes must be conducted by either ICES improved instructors or through an ICES sanctioned event, or a certified culinary institute or institution. At the close of their grant award, and within 2 subsequent MassICES DOS meetings, the recipient must host a demonstration during a MassICES DOS at least 15 minutes in length featuring at least one of the techniques learned in their studies. This must be scheduled in advance with the current MassICES State Representative.

A committee will be formed each year to evaluate and choose the recipient of the award. The award shall be granted at the June DOS each year as long as the funds are available within the MassICES treasury. Funds for this grant are garnered from the proceeds of our special book raffles at each DOS and also from both private and corporate sponsorship.

How Do I Apply?

To download an application form  CLICK HERE

Applications are due April 1, 2019.

*Grantees will be reimbursed for classes and materials upon proper documentation and proof of attendance. This should take the form of either a class certificate of completion or in the case of materials, a receipt.  Any food, beverage, lodging, show fees, admission fees, demonstrations, and DOS fees are not included as educational expenses for the classes and will not be reimbursed. Wilton 1, 2, & 3 level classes at local venues are not included, but advanced and master classes at Wilton’s main teaching school in IL are included. Should you have a question on the validity of your choice of class, prior authorization from the Grant Committee is suggested. Material and class supplies must be part of the supply list required for the completion of the class.
Congratulations to Debra Nickless for winning the 2018 Mass ICES Kehoe-Knapik Educational Grant in the amount of $250.
The Kehoe-Knapik award is open to MassICES members only. You must be a member in good standing at the time of your application, and remain a member throughout the grant period of June 30th through June 30th of the following year.
The April 1st deadline is fast approaching. Please fill out your applications and mail them in today!